The future is social

Easily embed messaging and social features to your app to fuel your user engagement.

Do you know that...

97% of digital consumers have used social media in the past month.

Do you know that...

Of all the time we spend on smartphones, 90% is in-app.

Do you know that...

A mobile app on average retains only 7.5% of its users beyond the first month.

Do you know that...

2.7x users are more likely to stay in-app for a sense of community.

Do you know that...

5% increase in user retention can increase your profitability by 75%.

Transform your app into a social network with Upstra and hyper-engage your users


Enable in-app conversations as engaging as any messenger app

Engage with users and enable real-time conversations with direct, group and live chats.


Inspire your audience to find like-minded peers

Facilitate discussions and encourage content sharing between people driven by common interests.


Let your users define themselves with their own profile

Let your users identify themselves via their profile to express their thoughts with other members.


Display tailored-content based on your users’ preferences

Provide your users with the unique experience via a personalized feed based on their interests.

Video (coming soon)

Captivate your users with the most engaging type of content: videos

Offer your users more interactive and richer experiences through video stories.

Upstra fits different use cases

Use cases
Live/sports streaming

Streaming sports has never felt so real

Create fan-tastic viewing experiences that drive engagement and increase your app stickiness.

Online Media

Spreading information better than ever

Turn media consumption into social experiences that increase brand loyalty and drive engagement.


Making online shopping feel real

Create hyper-personalized shopping experiences that increase brand loyalty and awareness.


Ensuring a best-in-class learning

Create inspiring learning experiences that drive engagement and increase your app stickiness.


Making gaming feel social

Create immersive gaming experiences that skyrocket engagement and increase your app stickiness.

Social & Entertainment

Uniting and strengthening in-app communities

Create lively social experiences that drive engagement and increase brand loyalty.

Your partner in your digital transformation journey

More than a technology provider, we operate as your digital partner and ally. We will work hand-in-hand with you to offer all the support you need to have a seamless and personalized experience.

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