The power of building online communities

Building an online community around your brand or product has shown to be very beneficial for those who experienced it. Let us explain further why you should consider building your community and what outcomes you can gain from it.

July 15, 2020
Lauren Feille

In a world where everything happens online, we see people trying to find places where they feel like they belong on the world wide web. Websites like Reddit, Quora, and even social media show the need for communities is much more important than ever before. Naturally, users want to express themselves and create authentic conversations with others based on common interests. For businesses, it means you should not only be selling a product or service but also focus your efforts on building a real connection with their customers. Community building has grown stronger than ever before, and believe us when we say this is an opportunity you don’t want to miss.

Why may you ask? Here are three key reasons why you should consider building a community for your brand.

User engagement at its best

Creating a community starts by creating deeper connections with your customers. According to a Reddit study, users are more attentive and engaged while exposed to content that they actually care about - and it’s only natural.

People are on the search for communities to get inspiration, and the variety of opinions they encounter helps them break through their personal bubble and explore all perspectives. Due to this personalization, people can get involved in conversations, gain insights, learn, and share with others. This interaction between users creates bonds that go beyond the product or service that you offer. Being able to interact with people who share common interests is what makes users feel like they belong to an online community, it drives engagement and growth.

Indeed, user engagement drives user-generated content, such as reviews and comments, which are seen as reliable and crucial in the purchase process. In this study from BrightLocal, 84% of the respondents consider reviews as critical as personal recommendations. While another study from TripAdvisor shows 97% of online buyers read reviews before a purchase, it is pretty clear that engaging customers to create content around your brand and product is crucial to your company’s success.

Community building fosters brand loyalty

Accenture found that two-thirds of customers will “spend more on brands to which they are loyal.” When a user feels connected to your brand on an emotional level, it then becomes natural for them to purchase your product or benefit from your service again. Brand loyalty is necessary for your company’s growth, and that’s where community building comes in.

This feeling of belonging that is so sought-after among your users provides them with value and makes them connected to your brand from a customer perspective and a member of your community. With that being said, you should guarantee your users a unique experience, a unique sense of community where they will explore new interests, share their passions, get informed, and build relationships with other members. You can do it; we know you can.

Any app or game has the power of a social network

You can’t unlock your company’s full potential if you don’t realize where it lies. Community building is a real enhancer of your business strategy, and it’s at the hand of any app or game out there.

What matters here is having the right tool in hand. For example, you can maximize interactions and encourage connectedness by providing your user with a tool that allows them to communicate. Live chats are the most efficient way to do so - if you ask us, it enables real-time talks and allows individuals to express themselves with other participants.

You should also familiarize your users and give them a chance to define their identity where they can express themselves and define their interests and passions. To do that, you can develop a profile feature, with different options. A profile feature is an ideal way for people to connect and elaborate on what drives them, what they want to share, and how they want to do so.

Another way to make your platform valuable is offering a place for exchange, such as a feed feature where content is displayed to users depending on their preferences. This exposure creates more curiosity and encourages them to share more content. You got it; there are plenty of options to choose from to build a community around your users.

The best parts of humanity come alive with the community, which gives us many reasons to feel optimistic about the future of the Internet. Community plays a unique and valuable role in your users’ lives, as it provides them with a feeling of belonging. The fact that they connect with your brand on another level is crucial for your company’s growth, as it comes with high engagement, customer retention, and a deeper trust and understanding. You have everything to gain from building a community, and you have our entire support in moving forward in that direction. You will not regret it.

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