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How Upstra helped TrueID boost user engagement and community interaction during the FIFA World Cup 2018

As the exclusive streaming platform of the FIFA World Cup 2018, Thailand’s top media streaming app TrueID wanted to ensure they delivered the most engaging experience for their viewers. The company integrated Upstra’s SDK into their platform to maximize their user engagement and social interaction to deliver a much more impactful viewing experience.

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The Company

With its 27 million subscribers and annual revenue of 140, 943 billion thai baht (around 4,5 billion USD) (2019), True is the leading telecommunication company in Thailand. The organization owns Thailand's largest cable TV provider, its largest ISP, and is one of Thailand's largest mobile operators. In total, True has more than 40 subsidiaries and over 23,000 employees.

As a growing and ambitious company constantly striving to innovate, True entered the media and entertainment industry by creating TrueID. TrueID is now the number one media streaming app in Thailand with 8 million monthly average users enjoying its TV shows, movies, live sports, and blogs.

The Challenge

In 2018, True was the only streaming platform to host the FIFA World Cup in Thailand. The exclusivity of the stream and the significance of the event meant that the number of concurrent viewers were expected to be at an all-time high. With that in mind, the company’s primary objective was to provide the best possible viewing experience for all those who tuned in. They looked for a digital way to replicate the excitement, interaction and sense of community that fans would receive from watching the match at a stadium that could be translated online.

Initially planning to build a new live chat feature themselves, they quickly realized they did not have the engineering capabilities to create a system to support over 100k concurrent users. That’s where Upstra came in to help.

Upstra Solution

True reached out to Upstra to benefit from years of experience building messaging and social SDKs. We were able to leverage our existing technology and know-how to meet and exceed True’s expectations, at a feasible price.

Working together with Upstra, True designed a live chat system that enables viewers of any sport matches to chat and comment on the match. The chat UI is elegantly integrated into the video player, allowing the user to watch the match and follow the chat at the same time. In order to ensure that the community is a safe environment for everyone, True made use of Eko’s moderation features, allowing users to report any in-appropriate messages for moderators, and configuring the system to automatically block any messages deemed as spam or inappropriate.

With our easy-to-integrate messaging SDK, True had a working prototype within one week, and production was launched within a month from our initial demo and discussions. Due to this quick and effective integration, the tight deadline was met and they launched their social feature before the FIFA World Cup had even started.

The Upstra team have been amazing to work with. The way they collaborate, the energy they bring, and the culture they've built with our team is incredible. I'm confident that the solutions we are working hand-in-hand to deliver as part of this project are going to have a long and holistic impact on the way our business operates. We can't wait!

Brian Clark
CPO at True Digital

The Results

True initial requirement called for a chat with 100k concurrent users — however, we were able to provide them with a system that was easy to scale up to over 300k concurrent users.

The messaging feature was a success from day 1. At its peak, we had up to 120k concurrent users chatting with each other, sending more than 10 messages per second in any given football match. That’s more than 1 million messages being delivered per second.

The launch of live chats also resulted in an overall increase of the streamers’ engagement. Users started to spend more time in-app and individuals who previously didn’t care to upload a profile photo or change their usernames were now setting up their profiles. In addition to an increased retention and an extensive use of live chats, TrueID saw a 20% increase in users updating their accounts. From then, True realized the strategic potential of adding a social dimension to its platform.

After the FIFA World Cup 2018 success story, True decided to use our integrated chat feature on all live sports streams. They’ve also expanded its use to all tv shows, soap operas and morning news on TrueID, allowing users to socialize and interact with each other in real-time. Currently, over 2 million users of TrueID use our chat feature every month, delivering over 700 million messages every month.

Upstra is still actively supporting True on building and boosting the engagement of the TrueID community, which is now part of their core strategy. We are working with them closely to build the next level of social features, that will include activity feeds, community groups, user relationships and much more.

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