Upstra Application Development Kit

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Depending on the need, there can be multiple types of 1:1 or group chat rooms, such us Official Group Chat, Broadcast and much more. The variety of options keeps communications diverse, interesting and well-organized.


A feature built to display all the communities in the environment. Explore is categorized into three areas: recommended, trending and categories, all of which are designed to help the user discover more engaging content that they enjoy.


Profile is a brief description of a user’s information that provides an identity to the account such as Display Photo, Account Name and a description. Users are able to fully express themselves and get to know each other better.


Feed highlights information / updates from the user’s connections and groups, including profile updates, posts, discussion topics and more based on their tailored interests.

Constantly improving

Our teams are constantly building new extensions and features so you will always have cutting-edge social functionalities. With Upstra you will experience a seamless development of a customizable social platform with high-grade technologies, around the clock support and expandable hosting capabilities. We scale right alongside you!

Upstra Services

On top of delivering our application development kit, we operate as your digital partner to champion a transformational journey from end-to-end.

  • Product Development: we work with your to fully understand your needs and design the best solution from day 1.

  • Engineering: we can support you with Upstra integration and customization. At request, we can also build tailored modules for your needs.

  • Operations: we are constantly updating our platform with new features in order to maximize the value we provide to you and your community.

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