Fuel user engagement through the Upstra Social Platform

Bring the like-mind people together and build your in-app community with Upstra modules. We make it easy to add social features to your app though ready-to-use SDKs and a customizable UI Kit!


Drive user engagement and increase social interactions with Messaging. Enable a live chat, captivate your community with private messaging and group chats, or implement broadcasts to engage with your audience.

Chat Groups

Users can benefit from different types of chat according to their needs: 1-1 chats, group chats, and even live chats.


Users can react to messages, posts, and comments, which are visible to others.

Push notifications

Ensure that your users don’t miss important content from each other.


Inspire your audience to find more like-minded peers, get excellent content, and have discussions in the Groups. Give your users their interest-based Group recommendations via the Explore tab.

Join Groups

Users can join like-minded interest Groups to explore content based on their preferences, generate their own, and stay updated.

Media attachments

Users can share photos, videos, files, and more.

Official & Private Groups

Increase the brand awareness and build connections with users through both private and official groups.


Let your users express and define themselves in their own social Profile. The Profile allows your customers to find their like-minded people and encourages them to share more content. That’s where the true engagement is born!

Follow users

Allow your users to connect and get the latest content updates on their timeline.

Tag @users

Make sure your users don’t lose each other in large community groups


Attract your users with a personalized Feed with updates (new posts, comments, discussion topics).  All the content in the Feed is algorithmically ranked based on the user’s interests and activity


Centralize content on the newsfeed, so your users can get the latest updates from their groups and people they follow, all-in-one place.

Create your Timeline

Users can express themselves by sharing posts, images, and other media on their timeline, with which other users can interact.

Coming Soon


Offer your users more interactive and richer experiences through video stories. Enable brands to engage their consumers more personally and allow users to better express themselves.

Video on Demand

Enable creators to upload and distribute videos to an unlimited number of viewers with ease.

Live Broadcasting

Enable creators to start a video stream that viewers can watch in near real-time.

We do the hard work, so you don’t have to!

A comprehensive app development platform

UI Kit

Upstra modules are ready-to-use — the only things left to do for our customers are integration and frontend. Going the extra mile, we've created a UI Kit with endless customizations and an upgradable UI! We make it easy to add social features to your app!


Host unlimited connections, messages and total concurrent users (with up to 300,000 concurrent users per single chat room). Don’t limit your room to grow!


Handle massive amounts of content swiftly with our sophisticated moderation system and role-based permissions.

Operations Support

We provide 24/7 support, including system monitoring, incident management, and bug fixes. We are continually updating our platform with new features to maximize the value we provide to you!

Ready to see what Upstra can do for your app?