Start your transformational journey with Upstra Services

More than a pure technology provider, we operate as your digital partner and ally. Working hand-in-hand with you, we ensure we provide you the support needed throughout your transformational journey.

We empower our clients to design, build and market products that vigorously compete in today’s digital economy.

Product strategy & monetization

We empower our clients to take great ideas and turn them into product strategy creating long term value and monetization opportunities.

Product ideation

We support our clients to define and shape a product vision that matches users needs, industry standards and accelerates their digital growth.

UI kit customization

We offer ultimate flexibility in customizing tailored design solutions, from colors and typography to components integration.

We collaborate with our clients across the entire development lifecycle to ensure project excellence.

Integration support

We offer different tiers of integration support, from consultations to managing the full implementation for our clients.

Solution testing

We make sure that the integration exceeds all performance requirements by leveraging our robust testing mechanisms.

Custom development

We work towards deep understanding our clients needs, designing the best tailored solution and building new features as per need.

Stay competitive with the long lasting impact of Upstra

We are here to unlock the power of social for your app, in no time.

Own your data

... by moving your community from social networks like Facebook, and others to your own platform. More in-depth user demographics analytics bring new monetization opportunities!

Generate an increased ROI

...due to owning end-to-end analytics of your social initiatives (instead of getting these data points scattered throughout different external platforms.)

Unlock new revenue streams

...from new partnerships and advertising opportunities that arise when you have an engaged in-app community.

Reduce costs on user retention, ineffective advertising, social listening, and other activities with social features, your users will love your app and be reachable via your own community!

Ready to see what Upstra can do for your app?