online Media

Spreading information better than ever

Turn media consumption into social experiences that increase brand loyalty and drive engagement.

Interactive and engaging online media experience that’s more than just reading

Encourage debating and exchanging opinions

Spark real-time conversations between your readers, letting them share, discuss, and capture any ongoing debates about the latest news by adding threaded comments to any content.

Messaging and Reactions

Users can create appealing content and engage with others through comments and reactions.

Media attachments

Users can share photos, videos, files, and more.

Feed the appetite for the most relevant news

Engage your community through hyper-personalized content recommendations.


Readers can get hyper-personalized updates based on their profile, activity, and Groups and people they follow.


Readers can have a space to share their thoughts and interact with their fellows.

Connect like-minded readers

Create a digital community for your readers to find more friends with similar interests and passions.


Readers can explore, create, and join Groups of their interest and make new friends.

Official and private Groups

Readers can interact with your media through private or official groups, strengthening your brand awareness.

Your possibilities with Upstra are endless

You decide what’s best for your platform. We guarantee its quick and excellent realization.


Our modules fit any platform seamlessly. Roll out social features in no time with ready-made components, UI Kit, and sample apps!

Long-lasting impact

With Upstra, you will own your data, generate an increased ROI, unlock new revenue streams, and reduce user retention costs.

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